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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Amazing Language Abilities

Today I started reading a book called Ink, which is set in Japan. In some parts of the book people start talking in Japanese and I am quite proud of my self, as I have apparently picked up a bit of Japanese from all the Subbed Anime I have been watching recently. All be it, most of what I have learned is either insulting or profane, but hey, you've got to start some were right?
So more on my language skills. I can swear in Latin.
I can swear and insult people in Japanese, and then I can thank them and tell them to sit.
I can have a sort of conversation in Spanish
I can say random animals in French
I can sing in Italian and Chinese
I can say "your cat is a jerk" in Turkish
I can say a couple of phrases in Welsh and Gallic (or I used too, not sure if I can remember them anymore)
I can count in Korean and also give military commands.
And of course I am mostly proficient in English.
Those are my language skills. They are rather impressive. I can insult a large variety of people. Woo hoo!! Offending people Internationally!
Thanks for reading my blog, especially my middle of the night, grammatically incorrect ones!
Bri Pi

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