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Friday, May 24, 2013


As I am doing school, lots of random things pop into my head. Such as, Portal, lemons, cake, potatoes... actually, all these things are Portal related.
Funny how that works.
In other news, there isn't anything interesting going on. I have some plans tomorrow, and I have school to get done.
Also, I'm suposed to be working on something for the library art contest. Every year I have been given a low score, and this year I plan to punch those... Judges... in the face with my awesomeness. They don't seem to understand that I am an impressionist. They just think I'm sloppy. And they claim to teach art...
But I must accept, like Van Gogh, that I will likely be the only person to appreciate my art for a, rather long, while.
My last piece I entered, I really wanted to label, "this is impressionistic" but instead I called it "View from Afar"
I will show them. They will rue the day they gave me a bad score!
I now must go. Good day my readers, enjoy your day, and burn lifes house down. With lemons.
Bri π

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