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Friday, May 31, 2013

Color Running.

Tomorrow, I shall be running in the color run. It's quite exciting. And colorful.
For those of you who don't know, the color run is a 5K in which the runners are bombarded with powered dye through out the race. The shirts you wear can be set to keep the dye in, and also possibly your hair, if I do it right. If I do it wrong, well, Who knows what will happen to my hair.
So, we have our shirts, which we decorated today (I only made two fandom references this time.) along with lots of other things to wear and be colored. I even have a tutu. Yes, a tutu. I look like I'm from the eighties. It's pretty ridiculous.
So, I have been working on the same piece for a week now. It's kind of driving me nuts. The background is giving me lots of problems.
First, I had no windows in any of the buildings, and apparently, steampunk cities still have windows, contrary to my belief.
Second, I gave them windows, and the windows look strange, and unwindow like.
Third. I'm not even half way done with the background. (ehhhhhh)
But, at least my girl looks kick butt (sort of) And she has awesome hair.
It's only been,  what, three weeks? a month? and out of the seventeen books I got at the RT book convention, I have exactly, six left. Yeah...
If I hadn't read The Fault in our Stars and Elsewhere, I would have gotten more done... But I really like the ones I've read thus far! Lets see, I read Ink, Crewl, Ashes of Twilight, Soulbound, Level 2, Nobody, The Tenth Life of Mr. Whiskers, Firelight. And there where a couple that I had already read, like Bloodlines (amazing!!!) Delirium, and The Name of the Star. So, I guess I've actually only read eight. Still, thats a lot of books for three weeks/a month. And not including TFiOS and Elsewhere. Along with quite a few random manga's (is it manga's or just manga?) I found at the library.
I like books :3
Oh, by the way, I have a typewriter! It's pretty awesome, and it goes ding when there's stuff. Ok not really, it goes ding when I hit the button to many times. The point is it goes 'Ding!' And also, I have two desks in my room. It's a bit crowded in here now, but also quite cozy, albeit, slightly dificult to make my bed.
 And on that bombshell, it's time to say goodnight!
Bri π

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