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Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Ink by Amanda Sun. Rated PG-13

(Ink will be released in July this year, I have an advanced reader copy)

After her mother's death, orphaned Katie Greene must up root her New York life and move half way across the world, to live with her aunt in Japan. Her new life is full of foreign culture, new language, and of course, cute Japanese boys.  Tomohiro is one such boy, but there's something strange about him. Ink reacts strangely when he's in a room, Drawing almost seem to move. thats a bad thing, because some drawings can cause more damage than just a paper cut...

This book was very interesting to me. I really enjoyed the Japanese culture and language thats put in, along with Japanese folklore and myth, which for a folklore girl like me, is quite fun. There is a glossary in the back, for those of us who don't speak Japanese. There's quite a bit of action and romance, plus a little intrigue. Because one of the main characters is an artist, there are little sketches through out the book, which I found quite nice, I haven't read a teen book with drawing in them in a while. one thing I really liked was an ongoing argument about what makes you human and what makes you a monster (It isn't very deep I would love to see the author go further into that in the next books)

The book does have some drawbacks, One of them being swearing, both in English and Japanese. There's also some bloody injury's, a couple of gun shoot wounds and a sliced wrist, along with other less bloody injury. The romance of the book is mostly kept to kissing, but there are some slightly more passionate scenes, but they get cut short, and of course, there's also a bit of lying to adults and your average teenager total disregard for what ever your guardian tells you.

Ink is part of a series of books by debut author Amanda Sun, called The Paper Gods, Ink being the first of the series. I would recommend this book to Otaku and anyone interested in Japanese culture and mythology. I would not recommend it to people who don't like blood, as it can get quite bloody at times. In all Ink is a great book, with an interesting take on Japanese mythology, a driving romance, and enough action to keep you on your toes.
Thanks for reading my new and improved Review
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RATED PG-13: Mild Language, Violence, and Intimacy.
P.S. (I'll be posting more Book review over the summer, sorry for not having any in forever! I'll try to do one a week, because, among other things, I am a book Blogger)

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