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Thursday, December 20, 2012


It smells like snow. Seriously, it smells like snow. you guy's are probably all looking at your computer screen right now thinking, "oh, sure... smells like snow... what ever you say Bri" well, it does smell like snow. What does snow smell like, you ask? well. it smells like cold rain and sort of like ice cream, if you took away the vanilla. Yeah, it's a terrible description, but thats what snow smells like. I finished My Sister's Keeper. It was sad. I didn't expect what happened. now I need a new book. I need Beautiful Redemption!! Anyway.... yeah... snow. I hope you guy's are prepared for the end of the world. It's tomorrow, if you didn't know. I'm quite sure that I would die. I would probably get eaten, or die of some illness, or just die of starvation, or something stupid. but hopefully you guys do better. I played Portal the other day. It was fun. I'm glad I'm not Chell. I would probably get stuck in a never ending loop of portal. I must go, my people need me. (replace that with, I need to go clean the living room) Bye my fellow Humans, I hope you don't all die!! bye Bri π

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