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Friday, December 7, 2012

Off The Top Of My Head.

There was once a girl named Pickles. Pickles enjoyed singing in her house, where all of her family could hear. They truly loved Pickles singing, They laughed with joy and recorded it and hugged her when she was finished. Pickles really loved the attention. One day Pickles decided to go for a walk out side. As she was walking she met a boy named Fred. Pickles was amazed when she saw Fred. His Black hair and Green eyes where amazing, he was thin and strong, everything Pickles looked for in a man. Pickles went up to him, nervous she would seem silly, but she did. "Hi. I'm Fred, Whats your name?" he asked when she got up to him. "I'm Pickles." she said with a smile. Fred made a face. "who has a names their Daughter after Pickles?" he said. "well, my parents just really liked pickles I guess" she said, feeling self conscious about her strange name.  Fred shrugged "I guess. Hey, I'm going down to the Alley tonight if you want to come" Fred said To Pickles. Pickles was confused, she had never heard of the Alley before. She asked Fred what it was. "Oh, it's this club down in the city, it's real easy to find, just listen for the live music" he says. "so, you wanna come?" he asks. Pickles could feel her cheeks blushing, "sure" she said with a small smile. "I'll see you there" She said, turning to go back to her house, "Oh hey, by the way, it's open mic tonight, if you want to sing" Fred called over his shoulder. "I'll thing about it" Pickles said. Pickles ran home, thinking about how she would dress herself up. She ran  into the bath room and looked at her self in the mirror. She frowned. Her long platinum hair and blue eyes where a combination that not many liked. She would have to do something to make it look better. pickles brushed out her hair, letting it spike just a little. Normally she would have washed it, but to keep the spikes she sacrificed her cleanliness. now if only she could find some way to hide her blue eyes. Pickles looked at the clock. She had no Idea when she needed to be at The alley, but she figured she should probably be there soon. She ran out the door as her father was coming home from work, and she heard him yell, but she didn't hear what he said. she kept running, past the bushes, past the lawn gnomes, past the big blue box, and past all the other houses until she got into the town. She remembered what Fred had said. Listen for the live music. Pickles listened. and then she heard the singing. She followed the sound, until she came across a crowded alley. It was a sea of black, red, blond, and brown, even some mixed colors. on a make shift stage was a girl with mixed Colors in her hair, Calico style. Next to her was Fred, the where singing a duet. It was really good, They harmonized well. Pickles fought her way up to the stage, getting nasty looks from some people who saw the color of her hair and eyes. She ignored them, taking the blow inside. Pickles kept going, she should be singing on stage with Fred, not some Calico haired freak. Finally Pickles reached the stage, she jumped onto it and looked at Fred, Fred looked at her. "Oh, Pickles! You made it!" The Calico girl cleared her through. Fred looked at her, "oh, sorry, Pickles, this is Nikki, Nikki this is Pickles" he said. Nikki raised an eyebrow. "Pickles? That's an odd name" she said rudely. "Well, you know parents, they really do like silly names" Pickles said with a shrug. she looked at Fred. "Hey do You think I can sing?" she asked. "sure, go ahead" he gestured to the stage. Nikki sighed angrily, but got down from the stage. Pickles took her place on the stage, looking out at the crowd of glaring eyes. She knew what they were thinking, 'who let the Blue eyes on stage?' Well, she would show them. Pickles started to sing, and the crowd went silent with amazement. She was great. Pickles Sang proudly, projecting her voice as hard as she could. She felt so happy. Suddenly a shoe flew out of the window above her, slamming down on the stage and sending Pickles three feet in the air. she landed and looked up. An angry face was sticking out of the window. "Scram you stupid cats!"
            Bri π


  1. No comment exept that was amazing (she sais sarcasticly).

  2. Did you make this up Bri? noah