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Thursday, December 6, 2012

What My Sisters Say When They Think No One Is Paying Attention

JJ: Zero point zero six. I was right!!! *claping* It literally gives me the answer. Oh never mind.
Morgan. It doesn't give You the answer.
J.I need my calculater, where... Oh it's, wow, it's right next to me, wow,
M: Your cat is staring at me!
J: zero point five
J: Bleragher. Ahhh! I'm on  the brim!! FINALLY!!
J: Don't be scared to eat a bannana, It's ok bri. You can eat that banana.
M: No don't sign up.
J: I wanna look up a song. MNEEEEWWWWW
J. I don't think anyone ever reads my blog anymore.
Bri: I'm sorry.
J. How many weeks early am I for christmas? Three?
M: What?
Bri: Brushing my hair...
J: In a one horse open slay!
B. Happy Thursday.
M. Happy Thursday.
J: oh never mind. I thought it was important.
J: DUDE! thats so that was so rude. Hey I rhymed.
M: why do I like chewing on plastic frogs?
J: EW!!! It could be poisones, or venomouse or something!
M. It's not real.
J: yeah but you could get like, toy, plastic frog poinsoning. I'm looking it up
M. I'm flying! Of course we are.
J: AHHHH!! I keep screaming. Ow. NOOOOO!!! I messed Up!! Oh I popped. What day is it thursday?
B: yeah.
J: ok. GLARGHHH!!! In my story my characters just got chased by pirates
M. Lets see, I have.... six frogs... and four... three... that  makes fourteen.
J: OHH my back. Anehenneg. Random Catastrophies!!!
M: Spirit? Will Teeny Tom live? OH I think my wrist needs to pop/
J: I think my body needs to pop.
M: Is body in bobby's world?
J&B: no
M: twenty two...and Ten.....
M: twenty two.
Bri: The end.
Bri π
JJ: can I get some sauce with that?

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