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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The "Ten-Pool"

Ok so you guys know my cousins are marvel fan's right? Well recently they've become whovians as well. Anyway, we were messing around out side when my cousin Blake said "let's play X-men. I want to be a combination of Deadpool and the tenth Doctor." I found this really funny. Then I came up with a name for this combo. Ten-Pool. So my cousin is a TimeLord/Mutant/Velociraptor/Crocodile. (The latter bits were added later, with more back story) And that is what happened yesterday. Just wanted to share! Bye! Bri π


  1. I was a winged girl who could control shadow matter and my name was Amithia. There was no reason for my name I just like that name.

  2. it was utaraptor not velociraptor utaraptor's 20-23 feet velciraptor 3 feet utaraptor name meaning thief from utah velociraptor name meaning rapid thief.noah