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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ten Thing's You Probably Didn't Know About Me.

1. When I sweat my hair secretes cocoanut smell.
2. I am slightly terrified of vacuums.
3. There's a sassy skeleton in my school room.
4. I have been a Marvel fan since I was pretty much born.
5. I have an obsession with superhero TV shows.
6. When I was little I had a hamster named Fred, and a fish named Fred.
7. I really love QT slushies.
8. I hate people talking in the third person.
9. I flipped a nine year old girl once.
10. I can't eat string cheese.

And that is some weird stuff you probably didn't know about me, all of it is true by the way, okay now tell me something weird about you! I'd love to know what you have to say! Bye Bri π


  1. here this is a secret: i am a human

    1. that is weird morgie.noah

  2. Brianna hates when people talk in third person? Kelcy knew this. Brianna doesn't like when Kelcy talks in third person. Justin Beiber.