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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why do I READ?

Once I was asked why I read. Seriously. Someone asked me why I read. They said "I mean, reading is great, but why do you read all the time? I mean you have to put down the book and see things sometimes." no duh. I read because I can escape. I can escape life. Just for those glorious moments, I can fade into a book and read. I can see anything. I could go to Brittan in middle ages, I could go to North America in the future. I could even stay right in this time, anywhere in the world. That's why I read. Because I'm stuck. I am here and there is no way I can not be here by my self. except by reading. Unless I can satisfy this need to explore and have adventure, I will read. Because nothing else satisfies me. I read. Because I feel stuck here, I read. It's why I write too, I can make my onw little world, where I control it, where I can give myself a glorious adventure, I can give myself anything I want. so yeah, to all those who don't understand why someone is always reading or why they bother writing. That's why. Oh, and a quick tip: Never interrupt some one while they are reading. Unless you have a death wish, just leave them alone. Bri π

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