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Monday, November 19, 2012

Disproportianate Man and The Amazing Steampunk Ninja Spider

Ok, this is an artist ranting about the disproportionate-mess of beefy dudes. Not a love struck girl complaining about how much she has a crush on some football player. so if you want drama, go watch TNT. now on with my Rant.

Ok so beefy dudes. One word. Proportion! Honestly! Normal dude: Regular head, slight V shaped torso, slightly muscle-y arms (if teenage boy: Lanky!) small curve at the stomach, and normal sized, (and if a teen-age boy: lanky!) legs. beefy guys: Tiny head, huge shoulders and neck, ridiculously obtuse torso, Huge, vein-y, muscle-y arms, and stick thin legs. Which one sounds more proportionate? If you said normal person, you would be correct! Now, I'm not talking about Guys with muscle-y guys. Some muscle is Ok. I'm talking huge muscles, like body builders, and certain super heroes, and Bodyguard/butlers. Ok, done ranting now. I've been watching to much Super hero TV shows.

So to day at rehearsal, I was doing my spider scene, being scary and spidery in my steampunk/eighties costume with dangle legs. So I have to run off stage. So as I am running off stage, while crouching, I step on one of my dangling legs. I, being my amazing ninja self, trip, bounce of of a bench, do a judo roll, and manage to land on my feet, with out ruining my bustle(Victorian skirt thingie) and that was my amazing ninja/spider talents.
                                                                                          Bri π

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