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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My random thoughts: Celebrity crushes.

Ok, so random thought time. You know how EVERYONE has a celebrity crush? yeah well, i was at a sleep over last night and every one was all like "OMG! Jonny Depp is so HOT! "Isn't Orlando Bloom just so cute?!" and "David tenant is soooo sexy" well, I'm sitting there thinking, what do these thirty to fifty some odd year old actors think of being called cute, hot and sexy by a bunch of teenage girls? I mean, are they flattered? are they creeped out? I mean, some of the actors being mentioned had girl friends or wives, so.... it's just a little creepy.  How would you feel if you were a married, middle aged dude, and a bunch of fifteen year old girls kept calling you hot, sexy, and cute? And then there's the thirty year old women having crushes on eighteen, nineteen twenty year old actors,  wouldn't you be just a little freaked out? I'm not saying people should stop having celebrity crushes, I'm just saying keep it to a minimum. Like if you ever actually met them, act civilized and intelligent,  not like a love struck fan girl. That would probably freak anyone out. Just saying, it's a little creepy for teenage girls to be swooning of guys who could be their fathers. This goes for teenage boys too, if you have a celebrity crush, try to act civilized about it. Not all creepy stalker-ish. This has been my random thoughts, bye Bri π


  1. Hi it's noah i just read why noah isn't a total nut case i have one thing too say i don't think super hero's are real.noah

    1. Good for you Noah!!! but why is that important?