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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while, busy busy busy. Anyway, I'm getting a cat!! Yay! We thought it was a girl so I named it Tena, but Tena turned out to be Ten, meaning it's a boy. Oh well, I still love him. I'm getting him tomorrow, so I'm excited!! He's a brown and gray tabby, he's very pretty. And he likes me!!!! but I'm paying for his medical stuff (except getting him fixed) and so I'm a bit low on funds, I'm even using a gift card to walmart to pay for cat food. :P so.... this brings me to my next thing, I'm going to start selling my art :) I need the money for stuff, (like birthday presents, christmas presents, shopping trips with friends ;) etc.) I've already been commissioned by some people, and am working on their paintings as we speak ( NOT literally) I'm not taking commissions from here, but if i know you and you want a painting, then yeah!! talk to me! So that's whats going on now. bye I'll talk later, Bye Bri π

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